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Junior Programs

Classes Available


Fast-action play… We focus on fun and fundamentals…Meet other players…Combine the groups with Private Lessons for best results and most fun…

“Take a break from the gym, we’ll show you tennis skills and burn calories at the same time. Lets have some fun! ”

Otis Johnson , Director


Image by Alicja Gancarz

Private Lessons

Offers the highest quality tennis coaching and provides a development pathway for all players to get the most out of their tennis. Players are introduced to the game in group and private lessons where strong foundations are built at an early ages. Private Lessons are one on one instruction, for serious players who want to develop fundamentals of their game.

Tiny Tots

This program is designed for our youngest players, ages 4 to 7. Tiny Tots is a fun way to introduce kids to tennis. The program is taught on a smaller court using mini nets and foam balls. At this age, FUN is the most important thing so we selected our most personable, energetic instructors to work with your child.


A program designed for new players who would like to be introduced to the fundamentals of the game. 


This program is designed for experienced players who would like to take their game to the next level. 


This program is for the children who have taken the first level of our program or have taken lessons before. Players will work on advanced skill development and match play. They will Learn the proper “grip”, do live and feeding ball drills, and practice rallying. The coaches will work on increasing their ‘hand-eye’ coordination, teaching the proper contact points and dealing with different ball speeds, using tailored drills.

Future Stars

The program is for advanced players who want a more dynamic game. This program will have players work to become
more consistent, good techniques, and place the ball successfully in areas of the court

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